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Trapdoor Hunter
Posted on Thu, November 24,2011 08:30:02

Trapdoor Hunter is a Diablo-like hack and slash Dungeon/Rogue game with trapdoors, puzzles and tons of monsters to kill. In Trapdoor Hunter, you explore a mixture of handcrafted and randomly generated maps which consists of Forest, DarkForest, Caves, Dungeons and Catacomb.

You need some logical skills to unlock the mysteries hidden in the puzzles. Rewards will be given once the puzzles are solved. There are several trapdoors hidden in the game which can only be discovered if you are smart enough to unlock the secrets.

What could be more fun than mass annihilation of swarm of monsters, with blood and corpses carpeting the floor all over the places. In Trapdoor Hunter, you can do that with mass killing skills of your choice (Eg: Whirlwind , Firerain, Poison Blasts, etc etc which do Area of Effect(AOE) damage).

Take a spin with Barbarian Whirlwind Chop using your favorite weapon across a massive swarm of Mobs, and enjoy your killing frenzy, or Burn them with rain of fireballs. If you enjoy playing arcade shooting because of your bullet dodging skill, Trapdoor hunter will test your bullet dodging skill even further. You not only get to upgrade your player's basic attributes ( STR,DEX,VIT,ENG), but also the player's skill set with more than 24 distinct skills to explore and upgrade. There are 8 different classes of armors and weapons, with different quality sets for players to explore.