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Mini Android Defense 2
Posted on Thu, November 24,2011 08:30:02
Mini Android Defense(MAD II) is an enhancement to the original Mini Android Defense. On top of the original MAD, the game takes advantages of full 2.5D isometric view, with added Turrets, Creeps, Buildings and several new features including the new game mechanics such as Plantation.

Full Version:
1. Classic TD over 100 levels and 20 unique creeps
2. Versus mode with Buildings(Research lab, Incubator, SupplyDepot...) each for different purposes.
3. Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farming TD)
4. MAD ONLINE ( Play versus mode with other players on the internet)
5. Sounds
(Only Available in SlideMe)

Demo Version:
1. Classic TD (40 levels)
2. Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville TD)
(Available in Android Market)