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Mini Android Defense
Posted on Thu, November 24,2011 08:30:02
Mini Android Defense(MAD) is a classic tower defense game that has no predefined map, which offers varieties of game plays and strategies for players to explore.

Construct a maze of attacking towers,
Release the creeps into the maze.
Collect cash from killing creeps.
Upgrade / Build more towers.

The game has 100 levels, with 3 difficulties(Noob,Normal and Pro), 8 unique creeps with 3 main bosses and 4 types of android towers( Metaldroid, Autodroid, Laserdroid and Frostidroid) with different price and abilities.

The game has been uploaded to Android Market and it is available for free.

Side note: Upon finishing the game, a badge code will be rewarded. (There will be one for each difficulty )